Counseling Group Miami

About Us

Our Founders

Our founders, Silvia Almeida Vaquero, LMFT, and Alma Lovaton Quagliato, LMFT, had a clear, shared vision when they created The Counseling Group – to be the most compassionate, comprehensive personal counseling group in the business. Silvia brought to the table her 27 years of experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Alma brought almost 20 years of psychotherapy expertise. Together, they worked to develop a team that would provide the widest range of elite services for a population with diverse needs. The result? The Counseling Group.

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What Makes us Different?

In the world of mental health and well-being, there’s an unfortunately common trend of treating individuals as extensions of studies and text books. Not at The Counseling Group. You’re a person with a unique story and set of circumstances. As such, you’re treated that way, with an uncompromising level of compassionate care every time you walk through our door. It’s our duty and promise to you to give you the best treatment possible.

Modalities & Services