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Enhance your life, relationships, emotional wellbeing, and health anytime, anywhere, when it is convenient for you! 

Jones Mindful Living is an online platform that offers support and education on how to better handle life’s challenging moments.

Scroll through the gallery of videos to experience and learn strategies, backed by science, for creating a meaningful and fulfilling life!

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Learn about wellness topics such as:

Emotional Wellbeing

increase positive emotions

mindfully experience emotions

change emotions if necessary

reduce vulnerability to emotions and allowing emotions to rule your life.

Learn how to better regulate your emotions, make wise choices, and experience greater clarity overall.


DBT Skills

Valuable Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills in:


Emotion regulation

Interpersonal effectiveness

Distress tolerance.

Mindfulness and Yoga Practices

Regular mindfulness & yoga practices have numerous benefits such as:

greater physical and mental health

reduces stress and anxiety

reduced emotional reactivity

increased compassion

increase confidence

reduce stress and anxiety

improve sleep.


Relationship Enhancement

Learning effective communication skills

Gaining a better understanding of your own needs



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Dr. Kristin Jones has had over 12 years of experience in the mental health field and over 17 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation. She believes in the importance of developing emotional wellness, building strong relationships, making wise choices, enhancing physical health, and establishing greater balance overall.