Counseling Group Miami

Eddie Cruz, LCSW, SEP

My practice encompasses a collaborative approach with my clients in order to gain insight into the connection between their thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationship dynamics. With sensitivity and compassion, I will guide clients through life’s challenges. I have a passion for helping those individuals facing substance abuse, sexual intimacy & commitment.  I use an eclectic approach with my training in Somatic Experience, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy & PsychoEnergetics.  I guide my clients through a process in order for them to recognize their strengths, overcome weaknesses and achieve personal, professional and relationship goals.

I also facilite a Hero’s Journey, Weekly Men’s Group.  This group is designed for the individual that has participated in “traditional” therapeutic groups and have not been able to see much progress in their work.  Hero’s Journey is based on Joseph Campbell’s mythic scholarship along with leading-edge discoveries of human consciousness and evolutionary development. We follow a transformational paradigm that has guided the evolution of consciousness within every culture and tradition since the beginning of time.  You will have the opportunity to embark on your journey with the support of your peers along with my expertise working with complex trauma amongst men.

To book your session to with me or for more information about Hero’s Journey Men’s Groups, please call The Counseling Group today (305) 857-0050, and begin your journey to the life you deserve!