Counseling Group Miami

Joy McKenzie, LMFT

My training in Anthropology, Education and Marriage and Family Therapy has prepared me well for my life calling as a Therapist. I like to think of myself as a Healer; one who is dedicated and has the unique role of helping you transform your life from a distressed emotional state to a way of living where you can effectively cope with life’s challenges. In the time that I spend with you I will help you to use your emotional expressions as a tool aimed at gaining greater insight into yourself and your relationships with others. Together we will increase trust and open communication to discover what is at the core of your personal and family issues.

I specialize in parenting and family issues, helping to increase awareness of appropriate expectations in parent and child roles through strategies in self-esteem, positive discipline, healthy emotional development and attachment. My ‘Private Parenting SkillsTraining Sessions’ are a customized plan designed for married/single parents to easily apply with their child.  My unique and extensive experience includes working with families and individuals from a variety of backgrounds, providing practical problem solving tools. I offer a safe, judgment-free space for families, couples, individuals and groups to explore what is interfering with the development of your happiness. This therapeutic space is filled with empathy and positive regard for you. I identify my therapeutic style as eclectic, utilizing the techniques that work best for you. Whether it is an interpersonal approach or cognitive behavioral approach or another practical approach, my aim is to assist and support you in achieving your desired therapeutic goals.