Counseling Group Miami

Lena Sheffield, LMHC, CEDS, MAC

Feeling overwhelmed and trapped is exhausting and harmful to yourself-confidence, health and relationships. Are you doubting your strengths and competence or having difficulty making healthy decisions, focusing, or overreacting? Professional counseling can help you stop the cycle and explore patterns in your life, including relationships and life experiences that may impact you today. With the help of a counselor you can develop and practice new coping skills.

My experience and advanced training in counseling includes more than 20 years at Miami Children’s Hospital Department of Psychiatry, 15 years in eating disorders, chemical and process addiction treatment centers. I have worked in private and community outpatient settings, including in home/ school based programs.

I work with individuals who are personally, or involved with someone, who is struggling with addictive and compulsive behaviors, attention/ behavioral problems that interfere with academic, work or team performance, body dissatisfaction, difficult life transitions, problems with boundaries, anxiety, depression and overwhelming feelings of shame and guilt.

Our work together will be individualized to help you live a life that enhances your values, temperament and personal goals. My hours are flexible and I like to schedule appointments based on your clinical needs.

I am involved with several professional associations and advocacy organizations in the addiction and eating disorder fields.