Counseling Group Miami

Jennifer Carlo, LMHC

Jennifer Carlo is a licensed mental health counselor and former special education teacher who received her education at Florida International University and the University of Miami. After 7 years of teaching students with emotional and behavioral disabilities in residential psychiatric hospitals, Jennifer obtained her master’s degree in mental health counseling. She became a therapist at a Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program, treating children, adolescents and their families with severe mental health diagnoses as well as substance use.  Jennifer’s clinical experience includes trauma, human trafficking, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, ADHD, developmental delays and substance use disorders. Having treated children in the foster care system, Jennifer has experience with court proceedings, expert witnessing, and reporting.

Jennifer also has worked in the behavioral management field, as she has managed the children’s system of care for a non-profit managing entity, providing utilization management and overseeing the referral process into residential levels of care. She has also collaborated with agencies in quality assurance activities such as conducting audits and program investigations.

As an outreach professional, Jennifer has established and maintained valuable relationships with providers within the State of Florida, assisting persons in accessing treatment at residential eating disorder and substance use disorder facilities. She has also presented on various topics including the co-morbidity of substance use and eating disorders as well as assessing for levels of care in substance use treatment.

At The Counseling Group, Jennifer will be helping clients who are seeking treatment for infertility, anxiety, depression, substance use disorders and minors whose parents are undergoing divorce proceedings. One of her passions is ensuring that those in need of services access care, and therefore, she will continue building relationships with local providers to assist those needing specialized services.