Counseling Group Miami

Silvia Almeida Vaquero, LMFT | Co-Founder & Co-Director

As a Marriage and Family Therapist for nearly 3 decades, Silvia has directly impacted the lives of thousands. Many of her clients have been able to move to action and have achieved extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives as well as in their relationships. They have been able to live their lives with joy and excitement and have a renewed sense of what is possibile.

In 2006, since she and her business partner are business and life strategists, The Counseling Group was created. Soon they were approached by other experts in the field who wanted to join them . Change and emotional healing would take place for hundreds of people a week utilizing the model of genuine care and compassion that has become the mission of The Counseling Group.

The International Women’s Leadership Association selected Silvia as a Woman of Outstanding Leadership in Social Services. She earned a Supreme Court certification as a Divorce and Family Mediator and was approved by the Family Division of the 11th Circuit Court as a Parent Coordinator. She has worked at Miami Children’s Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry, national and international corporations, and the school system. Contributing to the underprivileged is always on the forefront since she believes in serving those most in need. As a graduate from The University of Miami, Silvia is also proud to mentor University Students in their professional development in the field of psychotherapy. She is both humbled and honored to do this.

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