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Silvia Almeida Vaquero, LMFT | Chief Operating Officer

Silvia Almeida Vaquero, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Counseling Group, which was established in 2006.  The vision realized is a multidisciplinary team of experts who utilize the model of genuine care, compassion, and excellence and have been dedicated to contributing to the change and emotional healing of thousands of clients.

Silvia’s leadership and guidance has had great impact in the service that the providers at The Counseling Group have been able to offer their clients.  She is a Professional Business Coach and has been recognized by The International Women’s Leadership Association as a “Woman of Outstanding Leadership in Social Services”. She also earned a Supreme Court certification as a Divorce and Family Mediator, and was approved by the Family Division of the 11th Circuit Court as a Parent Coordinator.  She is called to be on-site when a tragedy occurs at a business or school to do Emergency Critical Incident Debriefings, working alongside first responders.

Her initial training began at Miami Children’s Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry while earning her Master’s Degree at the University of Miami, and worked in an International Corporation providing Employee Assistance Program services to National Companies which eventually led her to go into private practice.

After having worked with Blended and Stepfamilies for since 1983,  Silvia is embarking on her latest project in writing a book and greeting cards dedicated to, and paying tribute to, “loving steps”. She hopes to encourage, educate and empower individuals of all ages by recognizing many deserving Step Moms and Step Dads.

She has a passion and commitment to give back to organizations that have an impact in her life as well as in her client’s lives.  This reflects the essence of The Counseling Group in its generosity by supporting non-profit organizations throughout the year.

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