Counseling Group Miami

Stephanie Essenfeld, RMFTI

My name is Stephanie Essenfeld and I have a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University.  I am bilingual in Spanish and work with individuals, couples and families of any religion, sexual orientations and ethnicities. I like to work with clients who want to get a deep understanding of themselves and their relationships, who want to find areas of improvement and reach their full potential.

I love working collaboratively with my clients and take a positive approach, building on their strengths to help guide them in solving their problems. One of my greatest satisfactions is to know that I have helped a person live in harmony with themselves and those around them and in turn, creating a better life. Therefore, I have dedicated myself to study psychology and interpersonal relationships for the past seven years.

Maybe you have forgotten about your strengths and perhaps for some reason, you have only been focusing on your weaknesses and it’s having a downward ripple effect in your life. Let’s create a ripple effect, but in the other direction, heading towards your life goals!