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Testing for Children & Adolescents:

Testing for Children & Adolescents:

For children and teenagers, testing is typically conducted when they are having trouble with learning/academic work, attention/concentration skills, behavior, relationships with peers, or emotional regulation.

We often see students who have been referred by a teacher due to difficulties listening and following directions, reading fluently, remembering previously learned information, or performing well on tests. They may also be acting out or appear sad, frustrated, or anxious in the classroom, which can further impact their school performance. If your child is continuing to struggle despite their best effort, it may be time to consider a psychoeducational evaluation.

Psychoeducational testing is used to assess the underlying nature of these problems, analyze individual strengths and weaknesses, and identify solutions to make school and learning a more positive experience. Testing can be particularly important for students who require specific accommodations in class or during exams, as well as for those who could benefit from a more challenging academic environment. Once testing is completed, a full report will be prepared and we will meet to review all of the results and ensure your understanding of the recommendations. We are also available to attend any school or IEP meetings to collaborate with teachers and support the implementation of the appropriate accommodations or services. 

Testing for children commonly addresses the following:

Learning Disorders or Difficulties (Reading, Writing, Mathematics)

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD /ADHD)

Gifted/Intelligence (IQ) Testing

Determination of appropriate accommodations for an IEP, 504 Plan, or standardized exams (FSA, SAT, ACT, etc.)

Intellectual Disability

Mood Concerns (e.g., Anxiety or Depression)

Behavioral Difficulties

Speech/Language and Communication Disorders

Memory Weaknesses

Nonverbal Learning Disorder