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Constantly Inspired and Surprised!

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Constantly Inspired and Surprised!

This morning at the gym, I was working out next to Stephan, who I see almost daily giving it his best . Today, our trainer, Cedric, seemed to be getting him ready for snow skiing. We started talking about it and much to my surprise, Stephan asked, ” Did you see the Olympics last night? I was an Alpine Skiier. When I was a teenager, I was on the Swiss National Team.” He said it in such a matter-of-fact way that I was in shock! He went on to say , ” One day at the age of 17, skiing at 70 mph, I hit the gate, broke 7 ribs, fractured my spine and was in a body cast for 6 months. That was the end of my career, and very difficult” I was in awe! Talk about overcoming obstacles. He is in such great shape, works out hard and is my age! A young 53….

You never know who can surprise you, inspire you, change your life! At my gym, we have “The Golden Girls” a group of ladies in their 60s that go every morning and have a blast! Another woman, also in her 60s, continuously wears her smile. When I asked about her fitness story, she said that she goes on adventure vacations, biking in Europe, South America and Asia! In March, she will be hiking in Utah!

Don’t get me wrong, its not an “old peoples gym” , quite the opposite! Much the opposite!!! We work out with everyone from teens to well, older. And these days, its hard to tell someone’s age when you are in shape and keeping up with the “youngins”. But my point with all this is, yes , I am Star struck when I work out with a National Champion, or a coach who has taken his team to nationals, or a number one world ranked tennis player, but its in the “every day folk” and in their effort that I find inspiration and am continually surprised. Because Julie, whose story I don’t know, wore a scarf last year for a while until she was brave enough to take it off and show her thinning hair. Recently, we all saw her get stronger, saw her smile get wider and yes, saw her with her beautiful hair once again!

Who in your life inspires and surprises you?

Written with joy and appreciation in my heart,

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