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Holiday Hump by Integrative Psychotherapist Niki Castro

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The week after Thanksgiving marks the 6 week point until the New Year. These next weeks are filled with an excess in most areas….increased social commitments, increased interaction with family and friends, increased food and alcohol, increased spending…and the list can go on. Unfortunately all this good cheer can leave you zapped of energy, both physical and emotional.   Here are some tips to incorporate daily which will build in some DE-stressing into your day.  These tips will help you manage and minimize stress, making this season a truly Happy one!

-Prioritize: Instead of feeling obliged to accept EVERY invitation and attempting to do EVERYTHING on your “To Do” List…Choose THREE daily tasks…things that MUST get done and do them…focus on three a day…everyday!

-Make Exercise one of your daily THREE…but maximize your time by condensing your workout WHILE increasing intensity…exercise naturally raises endorphin levels (a feel-good chemical), but also is a positive outlet to release stress.

-Slow down and ENJOY the moment…watch a Holiday movie, preferably a comedy (laughing is PROVEN to decrease stress and increase immune function!)

-BREATHE!!! When feeling overwhelmed or stressed….BREATHE!!!  Inhale through your nose (with your mouth closed) for a count of 4, hold for a count of 7, exhale through your mouth for a count of 8; repeat for a total of four cycles.

-AND ABOVE ALL…stay present in the moment…shift your perspective….rather than be annoyed that you have to attend yet ANOTHER reunion or visit yet ANOTHER family member, gives thanks that you are blessed with family and people who enjoy spending time with you. Use this period to begin working on a daily Gratitude Practice.  ENJOY!

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