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What’s New for 2014? Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Wellness Counseling!

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“A New Year is upon us! 2014 brings us a freshness and newness in which to grow and transform! We are happy to announce that in the upcoming year, we will be providing

“Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Wellness Counseling.”

    Is Wellness Counseling for you? Your goals may be to:

become a conscious consumer
reduce stress
reconnect with your body
lose weight
exercise more
change your eating habits  

We will accompany you on your journey, providing structure, support, motivation and goal orientated strategies to ensure your realize your goal of a better state!

What are YOU ready to LET GO of or EMBRACE in 2014???

A better state awaits! Take the first step on your journey to wellness and give me a call (305) 857-0050 or send us an email to !”

Niki Castro, LCSW | Integrative Psychotherapist

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