Adolescent DBT Summer Program

Starting Virtually on June 24! Ages 12-15 years old

Led by Jessica Mendez, LCSW and Lisa Bour, RMHCI

This program is designed to provide teens with practical tools and strategies to navigate challenges of adolescence more effectively.

Does your adolescent struggle with:

Relationships :

Difficulty navigating relationships?


 Absence of flexibility and difficulties with change?

Emotions :

Intense emotions that result in destructive behaviors?

Over the course of 6 weeks, your adolescent will learn to:

Adaptability :

Increase adaptability in new situations.


Engage more effectively with others.

Emotional :

Improve their emotional well-being.

Adolescent DBT Summer Program Schedules

Starting June 24th


03:00pm -04:00pm ($75 per session)


03:00pm -04:00pm ($75 per session)

Pay in full upfront and receive 10% discount (Total $810)