DBT Summer Intensive Workshop

Starting In Person on June 3!

Led by Nicole Blank Koles, Psy.D

This workshop will serve as a DBT “crash course”for adults (18+) who are interested in learning skills to enhance their emotional well-being and effectiveness in life.

Over the course of 8 weeks, you will learn to


Develop greater self-awareness, contact with the present moment, and reduce reactivity.

Interpersonal Effectiveness:

Develop and maintain healthy relationships and improve communication.

Emotional Regulation:

Improve the ability to regulate emotions,problem solve, and increase healthy behaviors that move towards values and goals.

Distress Tolerance:

Deal with intense emotions and urges effectively without engaging in problematic or destructive behaviors.

DBT Summer Intensive Workshop Group Schedules

June 3,2024 to July 24, 2024


12:00pm -1:30pm ($90 per session)


12:00pm -1:30pm ($90 per session)