The Counseling Group of Miami understand what you are faced with, Millennials and Gen Z. You’re bombarded with social media pressures, facing a shaky job market, and wondering if adulthood is just one existential crisis after another.  But seriously, the anxiety and depression rates in your age groups are real.

This blog is your haven from the adulting storm. We’re mental health professionals who speak your language. Here, we’ll tackle the challenges you face and offer tips to navigate this crazy thing called life.

So, what’s got you down? Here are some common Millennial and Gen Z struggles:

Feeling overwhelmed? Here are some tips to manage the stress:

That’s where we come in! At The Counseling Associates of America, we can help Millennials and Gen Z navigate the complexities of modern life. We understand your struggles because we work with people just like you every day.

Here’s why you should choose us:

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